Do you learn best by watching videos, not reading slides? Do you want to join a supportive community of self-taught DIYers?  Welcome to Reno With Renee!

Join my DIY renovation course!

For a limited time, you can secure lifetime access to the Reno With Renee course for a one-time payment of $95. 

Lessons are updated WEEKLY—no outdated PDFs here. I’ll share real-time detailed tutorials and troubleshooting as I tackle home projects big and small—all conveniently from the @renowithrenee private Instagram account.

You’ll learn from my mistakes and successes via detailed stories and tutorial posts on the Instagram page. As a bonus, you can connect with likeminded DIYers in the comments and DM me with requests for new lessons and clarifying questions. 

Essentially, this is the course I wish I had when I was first getting started with DIY!

How to Get Started With DIY

Must-have Tools For New DIYers

When to Hire Pros and How to Vet Them

What You'll Get

I plan to update the course constantly as I continue renovating my home… which is likely to take years 😅

So that’s years of new lessons and access to a supportive community (and my advice!) for $95

—which is far less than most of the “beginner DIY courses” I’ve seen out there that haven’t been updated in years 😉

How to build custom cabinetry


When to hire pros and how to vet them


Must-have tools for new DIYers


How to get started with DIY


This course covers:


The lessons are constantly evolving, but at a high level 

Detailed project tutorials


Project planning: what to tackle first


Kitchen design tips and tricks


I do plan to increase prices as I add more content, so please keep that in mind if you’re on the fence about enrolling now vs. later!


How is Reno With Renee different than Renee Renovates stories and posts?

@ReneeRenovates gives an overview of my projects but doesn’t dive deep into the details. It’s perfect for the casual observer who’s there to watch satisfying transformations but isn’t necessarily trying to learn to DIY themselves. 

@RenoWithRenee shares those same projects but in a highly detailed format as I share my advice, mistakes, and successes. Essentially, imagine being on FaceTime with me as I walk you through my projects. In addition to stories, there will be summary posts and video tutorials for easy reference later.


How do I enroll?

First, pay the enrollment fee of $95 via PayPal. Then, request to follow the @renowithrenee account on Instagram. New members are verified and added to the group every other day! From there, you’ll have lifetime access to all course content 😊


Why Instagram and not a course website?

I want this course to be highly interactive and community building, which is something I feel you can only get easily on social media. I don’t know about you, but I’d forget to check a course website every day for new content. And that’s the goal here: fresh new lessons all the time. I want this to be worth your investment!


What happens if Instagram goes away one day?

All course content is backed up and would be uploaded to a third party website in the event that Instagram goes *poof*. When I say you get lifetime access, I mean it. 


If I enroll, can I DM you and ask you to design my living room renovation?

I’m not able to offer personalized design services at this time… but if you enroll and have specific questions about your renovation, I’ll be happy to answer them in @renowithrenee DMs!