I’m Renovating My Parents’ New 1915 Craftsman Home!

May 20, 2024
My Parents 1915 Craftsman Home Tour

Great news! My parents just bought an old home near me that they plan to retire in. Even better, it’s another beautiful old Craftsman home for me to tackle! I have about 6 months to accomplish as much as I can before they move in. But before I dive in and start making changes, let’s take a look at what the home looks like now…

YouTube video

The verdict? It’s definitely a smaller home than the one they currently live in (the one they raised me and my sister Brittany in). This home has 3(ish) bedrooms. Really, there are two big bedrooms and one small study that could be used as a bedroom. There are also only two bathrooms, both of which are connected to the main bedrooms, but at least one of them has another door leading to a hallway for guest access. And then… ZERO closets.

So while you know I’m going to do my best to make this a beautiful home, the key theme of this remodel will be adding storage and functionality.

But first, I want to tackle their exterior projects that need work before it gets too hot here in Texas to do anything outdoors. Starting by giving them a big screened-in porch!

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