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It’s demo day! *cue theme music* Depending on your renovation personality, you may find demo day exciting or exhausting. For my sister Brittany, it’s her favorite reno task, and she’s great at it. For me, demo stresses me out and I’m only excited to get it over with so that I can start rebuilding—my favorite […]

10 Essential Tools for DIY Demo Day

June 17, 2024

Let’s face it: Dust is one of the worst parts of any home renovation project. It has a way of seeping out of whatever room you’re working on and coating everything in your home in a fine layer of hopefully-not-toxic powder. That’s why controlling dust during the renovation process is so important, especially as you […]

Assembling DIY HEPA air filter
June 16, 2024

If you have a set of brick or concrete steps leading up to your door, it’s always a good idea to add a handrail for safety. You can build your own handrail system out of wood, but the easiest way to add railings is to purchase a handrail kit. And if you plan to install […]

Railings complete
June 12, 2024

When you start shopping for concrete stain, you may see terms like “solid concrete stain” or “semi-transparent concrete stain.” And beyond that, there are acid stains vs. water-based stains. So you may wonder: What’s the difference? And which one is the best for my project? Let’s dive in… What is the difference between semi-transparent and […]

Semi-transparent concrete stain
June 8, 2024

My parents’ back porch has a concrete slab full of big cracks, including some that have shifted so that either side of the crack is on a different level. The size of the cracks range from long and wide to small and hairline, and I set out to fix all of them. I did my […]

Patching hairline crack
June 4, 2024

My parents’ back porch on their new home had an overhang with sinking posts. Whoever placed the posts didn’t pour concrete footings under them. Instead, they just placed them on top of patio pavers and hoped for the best. Yikes! The result? The patio posts started sinking and in some cases even broke the pavers. […]

Replacing porch post
May 27, 2024

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