My Top 5 Dark Green Interior Paint Colors by Sherwin-Williams

June 7, 2024
Sherwin-Williams Jasper

Whether you’re aiming for a cozy, nature-inspired vibe or a bold, dramatic statement, dark green is the answer. Of course, I’m biased because it’s my favorite color! It’s also having a moment in interior design right now, but did you know that it’s also a historically popular color? If you ever go check out paint brands’ historical colors collections, you’ll find many different shades of dark green.

But… not all dark greens are made the same! Some lean more teal, some look like black, and some just look a little garish. So here’s my roundup of the best dark green paint colors by Sherwin-Williams, which I think will look beautiful in most interiors.

Sherwin-Williams Jasper

If you’re looking for a true deep dark hunter green, SW Jasper is a great option. Its saturation is slightly subdued, making it feel less like dark emerald and more like a sophisticated equestrian green. I think this color would be so beautiful in a higher sheen paint, even like high-gloss cabinetry or doors, paired with some aged brass. Perfection. SW Jasper is not to be confused with Sherwin-Williams Jasper Stone, which is a medium cool green.

Sherwin-Williams Pewter Green

If you want a calming green that’s still rich and dark, SW Pewter Green is for you. It has a slightly cool cast and gray undertones, giving it a dark eucalyptus look. As Sherwin-Williams says, this color “brings a down-to-earth elegance” to any room, and it also looks beautiful on exteriors. Be aware that in overcast lighting, this green may appear more gray than green, but if you’re attached to your neutrals but trying to branch into colors, this may be the perfect transitionary green for you.

Sherwin-Williams Vogue Green

The next couple colors are part of Sherwin-Williams’ Historic Color collection, meaning that these are dark greens that would have been popularly used in old homes. If you’re looking for a dark green that will always appear like a true green no matter the lighting, SW Vogue Green is perfect for you because of its nice warm undertone. It reminds me so much of Benjamin Moore Backwoods, which I used in my Green Bathroom. You’ll see that in darker rooms like that one, it doesn’t appear as vibrant as the swatch. But no matter how dark it gets, it will never look blue or black—it’s always perfectly green.

Sherwin-Williams Rookwood Shutter Green

When I was in middle school, I would Google dark green paint colors in an attempt to track down my actual favorite color. It’s been dark green ever since, but it’s a particular dark saturated shade of green. And SW Rookwood Shutter Green was one I was drawn to time and time again—that and Benjamin Moore Black Forest Green. Both are blackened greens with ever so slightly cool undertones, and I assume (based on its name) that SW Rookwood Shutter Green was historically popular on window shutters. But can you just imagine it on high gloss cabinetry, like in the kitchen above? Stunning. I want to live in this color.

Sherwin-Williams Shade-Grown

For my olive lovers, don’t think I’ve forgotten about you! In my opinion, the perfect Sherwin-Williams dark olive color is SW Shade-Grown. It has just enough warmth and muddiness, but it also has a slightly more subdued gray undertone that desaturates the olive and prevents it from become garish. Of course, if you’re remodeling a ’70s home and looking for a bright olive, go for it! But I tend to be more drawn to saturated but moody colors like this one. If you want a slightly cooler olive tone, check out Sherwin-Williams Ripe Olive.

I hope this roundup was helpful for you on your search for the perfect dark green for your home! If you’re open to other paint brands as well, check out My Top 5 Dark Green Interior Paint Colors by Benjamin Moore. And if you’re painting the exterior, take a look at My Top 5 Green Exterior Paint Colors by Sherwin-Williams.

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